About Dessata Detangling Hairbrushes

Dessata Detangling Hairbrushes
Why Choose Dessata Hairbrushes?
Dessata’s innovative 440 triple length bristles bend when the tension on the hair increases excessively allowing Dessata hair detangling brushes to glide effortlessly through wet or dry hair without pulling. Use Dessata brushes on all hair types including thick, fine, brittle and curly hair.

Kids Love Dessata Hairbrushes

Dessata brushes are perfect for young children because reduced tension means no more tears or tantrums. Creative colour combinations make Dessata brushes cool for kids!

No Static with Dessata Brushes

Traditional hairbrushes are made from inexpensive plastic which causes a build up of static electricity in the hair, but Dessta brushes are made from a special gel which does not cause static so keeps your hair soft and shiny with no fly-away static. As well as being soft and ultra flexible the bristles are very resilient and will last for years and years.

Comfortable Ergonomic Shape

Made to fit comfortably in the hand during hair brushing at any angle the ergonomic shape of the Dessata brush aids effortless disentangling whilst the bristle profile adapts to the curvature of the head for the easiest and most comfortable hair brushing experience yet.

Ideal for Professional Salon Use

There are many reasons why salon professionals use Dessata Detangling hairbrushes including reduced friction, reduced stress on the hair, comfortable against the scalp a truly effective hair detangling brush and much more, but at £9.99 including VAT it’s a great salon retail product!


United Kingdom Distributor

Dessata Detangling Hairbrushes are Distributed in the UK by:
9-11 Sunbeam Road, Park Royal, London, NW10 6JP
Company No. 00925975
VAT Number. GB830707347