De Tangle Hair Brush

Goodbye Tangled HairHair all in a tangle when you wake up?
Its during sleep that most knots and tangles form in the hair, and it’s when we wake up in the morning that we least need painful tugging and we most need a fast solution to hair tangles.

Bed-Head, knotted hair mornings are a recipe for stress particularly if you are running late, two things we don’t need in the early hours.

Because our de tangle hair brush is made of 440 triple length super-soft bristles, brushing your bed head hair in the morning will be less hassle and less stress than ever. The softness and flexibility of the bristles reduces the tension between the hair and the brush and the brush glides effortlessly through your hair without pulling. Our hair tangle brush works great on wet or dry hair. The Dessata detangling brush is the formula for a stress-free hair brushing experience. See our colour selection here.