Hair Detangling Brush

Detangling Hair BrushA Hair Detangling Brush needs to meet the following specifications. * Made from a soft pliable material which does not cause static build up. * Multiple length bristles which flex to reduce stress on the hair. * Soft bristles which are comfortable against the scalp. * Bristles spaced wide enough to avoid trapping and snagging hair which causes shedding. * Ergonomically shaped to make it easy and comfortable to use.

The Dessata Hair Brush
Our hair detangling brush has been designed, tested and manufactured in Europe using the features mentioned above. As well as meeting the technical specification we wanted a hair brush which could retail for less than ten pounds and therefore be affordable and safe for everyone to use.

I think you will agree that we’ve achieved our objective and we’d love your honest feedback.

We’ve created the brush in 25 colour combinations which should suit everyone, so we hope there’s a perfect colour combination for you check out the entire brush range here.